2011 Champs

Hey guess what, here in February I’m announcing last year’s champions.

Nate ran away with it by posting either the fastest, 2nd or 3rd fastest times in all four events.

I edged out Kaiser with the marathon tie rule, for 2nd.

Kaiser third.

No spice submitted, but I would guess that Spooter and/or Gonzo would have snagged those points.

Time for 2012, of course it will be epic.

Time to update Vahalla as well.

Hawkeye Rebel 25k/50k Results

Mark Thompson 3:46:23 50k

Nate Canton 3:46:21 50k
Lars Anderson 1:52*
Eric Goers ?
Dirk Marple 1:32*
David McKay 1:42:29
Ryan Ahlers 1:51:31*
Lynn Dobyns 2:16:54* (16.9M)
Jason Wilbur 2:16:54* (16.9M)
Tom Ries 1:40:07
Drew Burmahl 1:32*
A great day, and thanks to all that came out to play.  It was difficult due to the course not being marked at all, and I think just about everybody took a wrong turn at some point.  Many ran a little bit extra, and some ran a lot extra.  The benefit is everybody now has some experience on that course in race conditions, and will be able to kick a little more but at the real race in March.
The weather was fantastic, the donuts were tasty, and nobody stole our bags, shoes, food or cars.
Thanks to all that made it!

One More Round

Hey there are some new resluts up now.  Nothing fancy.  Me, getting ready for the 50M.  That relay was killer.

Please post resluts on norsemen, and I’ll add them here.  Sorry if I forgot any that were posted.

No spice?

Where is the spice?

It’s the end of Jan, and if you’ve looked at this site you’ll see that no spice has been added.

Right now it’s just a man’s challenge of the four events.

I may be adding something later.  But likely this challenge will be rather “bland,” giving us a chance to focus on the events.

2010 Champions

The results are in..

Canton, myself,  Hoyem and Simon round out the top 4 for the second year running.

Championship Trophey

This year we are joined by newcomer Gonzo, Chili and Wussie for our powerful varsity squad.

Give me a few weeks, and I’ll put together something simple for 2011.  Expect four events and limited spice.  I like keeping the times up here, that gives us something to shoot for.

Also, it looks like I have some serious additions to make to Valhalla.


Hawkeye 50k – Wild

A few of us ran our first Ultra on Saturday…in supremely cold conditions.  The race started with light rain and 35 degrees, followed by 3 hours of hard rain and dropping to freezing.  The snow began right after we finished.  Nonetheless it was glorious.

Canton was 2nd to a pro/sponsored runner named Scott Gall.  I was 4th with 3:51:47.  Lynn Dobyns won the girls 25k, and Ahlers ran the 25k as well. Dirk Marple ran the 50k, (without having run a marathon prior) and froze, despite McKay’s assistance, at around mile 25.  I mean it, the dude froze, and a DNR officer said he couldn’t continue, and Dr. Dobyns administered tepid water over my wife’s hot cocoa.  But an hour later Dirk was fine to share a Powder Hound with the rest of us.

I wore a flannel shirt for 20k or so, and that thing became a cold sponge.  Then I donned my Luther orangy.  Of course that served no purpose.  It really was the coldest race ever.  When do you get 3 hours of rain, followed by freezing temps?  No complaining, none of us would change it.

This earns me another Spice, to elevate my score to equal to #2 Hoyem.  And defaulting to the “marathon breaks ties” rule, looks like I’ve squeaked ahead into 2d for 2010.