Hawkeye 50k – Wild

A few of us ran our first Ultra on Saturday…in supremely cold conditions.  The race started with light rain and 35 degrees, followed by 3 hours of hard rain and dropping to freezing.  The snow began right after we finished.  Nonetheless it was glorious.

Canton was 2nd to a pro/sponsored runner named Scott Gall.  I was 4th with 3:51:47.  Lynn Dobyns won the girls 25k, and Ahlers ran the 25k as well. Dirk Marple ran the 50k, (without having run a marathon prior) and froze, despite McKay’s assistance, at around mile 25.  I mean it, the dude froze, and a DNR officer said he couldn’t continue, and Dr. Dobyns administered tepid water over my wife’s hot cocoa.  But an hour later Dirk was fine to share a Powder Hound with the rest of us.

I wore a flannel shirt for 20k or so, and that thing became a cold sponge.  Then I donned my Luther orangy.  Of course that served no purpose.  It really was the coldest race ever.  When do you get 3 hours of rain, followed by freezing temps?  No complaining, none of us would change it.

This earns me another Spice, to elevate my score to equal to #2 Hoyem.  And defaulting to the “marathon breaks ties” rule, looks like I’ve squeaked ahead into 2d for 2010.

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