2010 Champions

The results are in..

Canton, myself,  Hoyem and Simon round out the top 4 for the second year running.

Championship Trophey

This year we are joined by newcomer Gonzo, Chili and Wussie for our powerful varsity squad.

Give me a few weeks, and I’ll put together something simple for 2011.  Expect four events and limited spice.  I like keeping the times up here, that gives us something to shoot for.

Also, it looks like I have some serious additions to make to Valhalla.


One thought on “2010 Champions

  1. Nice job fellas. I like to see all good racing and milage guys are putting in. The Challenge is a nice little motivator when it comes to pushing yourself.

    The highlight of 2010 for me was throwing down 3 consecutive PR’s in the marathon. And then to cap it off, competing in my first Ultra. All the hard work this year paid off.

    Looking ahead, I plan on mixing it up again and dropping some more time.

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