No spice?

Where is the spice?

It’s the end of Jan, and if you’ve looked at this site you’ll see that no spice has been added.

Right now it’s just a man’s challenge of the four events.

I may be adding something later. ┬áBut likely this challenge will be rather “bland,” giving us a chance to focus on the events.

11 thoughts on “No spice?

  1. No spice? Well, there goes my shot at doing well this year…

    I started off the 2011 campaign with a better than expected half marathon- 1:20:04 at the Manhattan half on Jan 22. It’s a decently hilly course which takes you through two laps of the park (the last half lap is spent weaving between the 13 minute milers who think they should take up the whole road), so I’m happy with the time, especially on 2 weeks of training.

  2. A few spice recommendations:

    Run 1 mile, in every hour of the day.

    Miles cannot be continuous, must have 5 minute break between, i.e. can’t go run 2 miles starting at 9:53, finishing at 10:07. Has to be 5 minute break between.

    Big Mac Challenge

    Eat a big mac, complete a 5 mile run within 1 hour of finishing the big mac. If you puke during the run, it doesn’t count.

  3. I got the first 5K out of the way on March 6th- a 17:24 at the “Coogan’s Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K” in Manhattan. It was a pleasant reminder that I forgot how to run 5Ks…..went out too easy and didn’t have the legs to make up that much ground.

  4. I did a tune-up 10K on Sunday (Scotland 10K in Central Park) to kick off my taper for the Illinois marathon- 35:37. It was kind of fun to get back to the XC “workout race” strategy of doing tempo for the first few miles and then kicking it in…

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