One More Round

Hey there are some new resluts up now.  Nothing fancy.  Me, getting ready for the 50M.  That relay was killer.

Please post resluts on norsemen, and I’ll add them here.  Sorry if I forgot any that were posted.

One thought on “One More Round

  1. The challenge is heating up. It’s June, time for the plethora of summer 5k 10k’s etc. I’m feeling pretty good about my 15:44. I know that there are a lot of fast young bucks out there, but they have not completed the four races in the challenge. I know I B. T. about this every year, BUT I’m signed up for a marathon already and will have 5 months to throw down a 10k and half marathon with no 2000 mile cross country move to slow me down! I’m excited hope you guys are too!

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