Hawkeye Rebel 25k/50k Results

Mark Thompson 3:46:23 50k

Nate Canton 3:46:21 50k
Lars Anderson 1:52*
Eric Goers ?
Dirk Marple 1:32*
David McKay 1:42:29
Ryan Ahlers 1:51:31*
Lynn Dobyns 2:16:54* (16.9M)
Jason Wilbur 2:16:54* (16.9M)
Tom Ries 1:40:07
Drew Burmahl 1:32*
A great day, and thanks to all that came out to play.  It was difficult due to the course not being marked at all, and I think just about everybody took a wrong turn at some point.  Many ran a little bit extra, and some ran a lot extra.  The benefit is everybody now has some experience on that course in race conditions, and will be able to kick a little more but at the real race in March.
The weather was fantastic, the donuts were tasty, and nobody stole our bags, shoes, food or cars.
Thanks to all that made it!

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