Change up on Varsity

I just changed the format to make the results and past sweet stuff easier to find.  (For all of my 20 monthly page-hits).  Also, I added all the marathon stuff and spice stuff from you late-submitters.  Double-check to see that I didn’t miss some times or spices.

Check out the new varsity as well.

It’s Been Such a Long Time

I haven’t posted or done anything for months.  I switched the theme on a whim to show Canton how easy this WordPress tool is to use.  Now I switched it back.

Now that the weather is finally reasonable again, and that I’ve recovered from the Dam to Dam, Bolder Boulder, Grandma’s Marathon month, I’m ready to run.

5th Season 8k

On the 4th I lined up with some pretty good competition at the annual Alliant Energy 5th Season 8k. Came through in 27:14, good for 21st overall and 3rd in my age group. I was more impressed with Bryson’s time in the mile. He came through in 7:10 to win his age group and second place in the next age group. Not too shabby for a 6 year old.


New Guy in the Corner

I have several weeks of updates to make.  I’ll probably get to it today.  It’s been a busy several weeks in the running world and out.

But just a few quick notes…we have Bolder Boulder, Dam to Dam, Thor’s run, Stillwater Marathon, Goers and Wussie going 1-2 with another Luther sweep, and Simon just ran a 2:46 San Diego Marathon.  I’ll get all that stuff plugged into the matrix soon enough.

Also – regarding the format.  This Napoleon Dynamite/Rock Band format was just a quick trick to show Canton how easy it is to change themes on a WordPress site.  But then he said “keep it for a night,” and I did.  Then I realized it’s actually kind of cool.  I just wish I could change the pinks to greens or blues or reds.

Flying Pig Marathon

The Flying Pig Marathon yielded a 7th place finish overall and a new PR of 2:39:23. Notice me crossing the ”Finish Swine.” The rain powered race washed us through the streets of Ohio and Kentucky for a scenic 26.2. Check out for additional details.

Ski Race

It’s been a winter of well-below average snowfall here, but the last few weeks have brought with them some spring flurries; snowfall’s been nearly constant the past few days, and while academic writing service it’s a little too warm down here in the lake valley for much to stick, it’s all powder up in the mountains, and so the ski resort was able to add a bonus day to the season, making today the new last day of the lift season here.

A few of us decided last night that we ought to celebrate the 16-20 inches of fresh powder in style, with a race before the lift opened.  More specifically, we’d skin up from the lodge (at roughly 5800 feet) to the summit (elevation 7640), then ski down.  The “registration” cost was set at four cans of PBR; the prize for winning was all the beer, on the condition that it all had to be emptied before any of us were allowed to leave the mountain.

There were ten of us that “registered”; I was on telemark skis (as was one other guy), and the rest were either on touring skis or split boards.  The start consisted of chugging a beer, then once you finished your can, starting up the mountain.  This was at 8 am, and several of us were still drunk from the night previous.  (Race preparation of champions, that.)

I hit the summit in 3rd place, absolutely gassed.  This is my first season with skins and the telemark set-up, so it took me a bit to rip them off and transition to racing down the mountain.  Plus, I have yet to figure out how to fly down the mountain on the teles and still maintain control, so I lost two places there, but still finished in 5th.  For the only first-year skiier, and on teles, I felt okay about it.  We then proceeded to drink the rest of the beer, ski a bit, and close the season in style.

That brings my streak of not-sober races to at least five (I don’t remember what I last raced past that).

River Run 2010

Team Project Mayhem completely dominated once again.  Also great performances by Marple and McKay (10k).

On the post below, it’s awesome pay for research paper to online canadian pharmacy see Deuce posting.

In other news, email from Viper with this info:

Deer Run 10K 4-24-10

38:44 (6:14)

11th overall, 3rd in age group.

Great to have Viper on board.

Check out the standings, Viper and Old Bald Guy have taken advantage of the 10k field to spring onto the Varsity squad.


check out that link.  Pick your username, etc. and it will sign you up to post.  Then you don’t have to piggyback your times onto a another man’s post.  It’s kind of cool, as Deuce has discovered.

1      OpM  Ben Lloyd, 27, Iowa City, IA               15:33    5:00
    2    1 M18  Dirk Marple, 23                            15:58    5:08
    3    1 M30  Nate Canton, 30, North Liberty, IA         16:05    5:11
    4    2 M18  Phil Young, 23, North Liberty, IA          16:21    5:16
    5    2 M30  Brian Busanich, 30, Iowa City, IA          17:02    5:29
    6    3 M30  Mark Thompson, 32, Iowa City, IA           17:09    5:31
    7    1 M40  Michael Kabela, 43, North Liberty, IA      17:39    5:41
    8    1 M35  Lars Anderson, 39, Iowa City, IA           18:00    5:48
    9    3 M18  Cody Tebbitt, 22, Iowa City, IA            18:19    5:54
   10    4 M18  Evan Koester, 24, Iowa City, IA            18:28    5:56

Pace: 6:00 | 7:00 | 8:00 | 9:00 | 10:00 | 11:00 | 12:00 | 13:00 | 14:00 | 15:00 | Top
11 5 M18 Paul Jurgens, 21, Iowa City, IA 18:38 6:00 12 2 M40 Matt Veldey, 40, West Des Moines, IA 18:39 6:00 13 6 M18 Chris Unseth, 19, Iowa City, IA 18:44 6:02 14 1 M25 John Haman, 25, Iowa City, IA 18:47 6:03 15 2 M35 Keith Duster, 37, Solon, IA 18:55 6:05 16 3 M35 Mike Lambert, 39 18:56 6:05 17 3 M40 John Hall, 42 18:57 6:06 18 2 M25 Steve Davis, 29 18:57 6:06 19 3 M25 Nathan Votroubek, 25, Iowa City, IA 18:58 6:06 20 7 M18 Zachary Curtis, 21, Iowa City, IA 19:06 6:09 21 8 M18 Hunter Tebbitt, 19, Iowa City, IA 19:10 6:10 22 9 M18 Alex Murphy, 19, Iowa City, IA 19:11 6:10 23 10 M18 Blake Colton, 20, Marion, IA 19:13 6:11 24 11 M18 Kevin Sipple, 19, Iowa City, IA 19:14 6:11 25 4 M30 Derek Frank, 34, Coralville, IA 19:20 6:13